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Jasper the Bear

Jasper the Bear has been in the hearts and minds of children and adults alike in the community of Jasper and around the world since 1948.  Outgoing, friendly and adventurous, Jasper was created by James Simpkins an artist for the National Film Board.

The original cartoons were featured in MacLean’s Magazine. Jasper’s  purpose was to recognize the importance of protecting Canada’s flora and fauna, a purpose that remains strong these many years later.

Jasper can be seen greeting visitors both at home and abroad all through the year.

Heading to Jasper National Park?

Like‘ Jasper the Bear on Facebook to see what he’ll be up to during your visit. That silly bear is always out and about!

Did You Know……

Several Jasper merchants regularly stock and market Jasper the Bear Merchandise? It’s true!! Our Chamber Members retail everything from Jasper the Bear stuffies to popcorn!

Did You Know……

The Jasper Park Chamber of Commerce is the sole owner of the copyright known as ‘Jasper the Bear’.  Since 2003 the Jasper Park Chamber has been responsible for the well-being of its most beloved bear.

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