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So what is Operation 178 and what does it mean to you and your recruitment for 2016 – and beyond?

Sounds cryptic?  Seems complicated? Couldn’t be farther from reality on both counts!  Operation 178 is an efficient, immediate and virtually free way to attract and retain staff for this coming season and for seasons to come.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Choose a few of your staff – you’ll know who’s best suited for the task
  • Using your phone, or theirs if they so choose, and find a beautiful background – like that’s hard to do in Jasper
  • Your chosen few will then turn the camera on themselves and tell all the job seekers our there why they need to come live, work and play in Jasper
  • Remember to include some unique aspect of your business in the video including those things that make you proud of your operation and the staff who work there
  • Keep it authentic to Jasper’s destination
  • Send it to JPCC 

That’s it, that’s all – you’re done!

Here’s what we will do:

  • Compile videos as we receive them to have an amazing, authentic and enticing recruiting video that you, as a member are free to use as you please
  • Keep it real, keep it up to date and 
  • Put it on every social media platform possible

It’s not cryptic and not complicated and as noted, it’s virtually free!  Want to know more Contact Pattie Pavlov, General Manager of your Chamber and stay tuned to this site for the official launch of phase I; your pieces will be added and voila – a masterpiece!